What is a Big Game Fishing for Marlin if not every fisherman's dream. The powerful fighters, all leaps and twists, epitomy of the strength and endurance in the ocean creature.

Marlin fishing in the Seychelles is not rigidly seasonal, there are periods of higher activity nonetheless. December to March would be remarked as peak of marlin activity in Seychelles waters. In average you may expect 150 - 200 kgs worth of blue marlin, back marlin is more rare, thus more desired. All the sport fishing yachts in our fleet are expertly equipped with heavy trolling tackle of 80 - 130lb, outriggers, fighting chairs and abundance of lures. 

We pioneer and continually support the conservation of Seychelles marine life, such releasing the game fish, allowing new guests an unparalleled opportunity to relish their chance at a big catch! 

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