Often compared to Paradise on Earth that Seychelles unquestionably is, Seychelles waters has earned title of “fly fisherman’s paradise” enticing anglers with it’s pristine waters and unparalleled biodiversity.

There are very few bonefish on Mahe but it’s possible to catch the odd one nonetheless. On the other hand, there are numerous 10’ to 14’ snappers and emperors and on overcast days it is possible to fish variety of trevallies.
Real Fly fishing adventures would however bring fisherman beyond the Mahe plateau, out to the Outer islands. The nearest of all grounds for fly fishing would be the Amirantes group. The islands which compose this group may offer a great variety of species including abundant numbers of bonefish, - the main species targeted, pompano, trevallies (blue fin, yellow-spotted, golden and giant), snappers, queen fish, barracuda and sailfish. African Banks and St. Joseph are the two most popular grounds to launch from, considered as one of the most exciting bone-fishing destination in the world with average of 5 to 7lb species. While bonefish and trevally receive it’s fair share of the attention from traveling anglers in the Seychelles, the exotic triggerfish and bumphead parrotfish are quickly becoming favorites. Atoll Providence and Cosmoledo however attract most discerning fly fishing crusaders.
Don’t miss the opportunity to fish some of the finest and most productive flats the Indian Ocean has to offer.

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