About Seychelles

We have decided to skip the general part “About Seychelles”, and let the sceneries speak for itself. Idyllic, heaven like oceans, are, among all attractions, been long famed for it’s biodiversity. Today, Seychelles has become known as one of the greatest destinations for sport fishing in the world.

We may divide sport fishing in Seychelles into two major charter destinations (directions) : Inner Group and Outer Island expeditions.
Inner Island Charters are great for family day trips : they are normally 4 or 8 hours in duration and about 20-40 Nmiles in range. Always a chance for mackerel and skipjack tunas, dorado, variety of groupers and snappers, green jobfish, rainbow-runner, wahoo and sailfish.
Marlin however is normally only chased for on so called “drop offs”, where the depths are dropping from 30-50m to few kilometres.
Needless to say, that Outer Island charters is our speciality. From September to May, we run extreme sport fishing expeditions ranging from 140Nmiles to 380 - 500 Nmiles in distance from main island of Mahe. “The Grander” - our flagship, plays a role of mothership, “a home away from home” as our guests like to say.
Ile Platte, Amirantes Group, Providence & Cosmoledo - are our major destinations for extreme monster fishing. Extensive fishing grounds, wider variety of species and significant chances of landing “monster fish”- every fisherman's dream - that is what Outer Islands are about.
Jigging for dogtooth tunas, countless kinds of groupers, casting for large Yellow fin tunas, sailfish and Giant Trevally - and many more species that sport fisherman from every corner of the world crusade to Seychelles for.