Jigging, dated since the 1950′s, is among the most versatile and effective of all fishing techniques from bottom bouncing to surface skimming. On the whole, jigging refers to fishing with a jig lure, consisting of a lead sinker with a hook molded into it, and usually dressed by a soft colorful body to attract fish. Anglers fundamentally apply techniques whereby the casted jig is constantly lifted upward and dropped to produce the erratic action and fish-attracting movement that will score in a strike. At times the cunning nature of the jig makes them so effective, even lying still will result a hit!

The dogtooth tuna (is a large fast-swimming fish in the family Scombridae) is our main Target. Dog tooth tuna (Gymnosarda unicolor) will stretch any angler, they are a powerful and smart fish that will seek out any weakness in your tackle or look for a bit of foul to break you off on. It seems everything in the islands has got impressive dental work and these fish are no exception with a face only a mother could love. Whilst Doggies can be picked up in any depth of water the larger specimens are found near deep water bombies or reef pinacles that protrude up from deep water. We also often end up with large groupers, yellow fin tuna, emperors and many other species at the end of our jigs.

The Tackle used is basically a short jigging rod with adequate line capacity such as 50 to 100 lbs braid and an extremely powerful drag system that can handle everything from 500g jigs to 50g soft plastics. Even with this artillery we still don’t drop the hammer on all the fish. The jigging around the reefs can also produce small groupers and Job fish which are all still great sport and some eventually an appetizing table fish to eat. Amongst our variety of fishing styles, we offer a large number of jigging options, vertical and horizontal jigging, inshore, bottom or offshore. If you are looking for those big doggies then you chose the right style of fishing!