Popping is a very active form of fishing whereby a lure called a popper is used. Poppers are interesting fishing lures. The hollow cone shape body and the large concave head allow it to stir in the water with short jerks producing a “popping” sound inviting some of the toughest fish such as the Giant Trevally, Napoleon Wrasse, Yellow Fins, Spear Fish, Snappers, Jobfish, Giant Barracuda and many more making every moment an unforgettable one.

Seychelles has been one of the best world destinations for sport fisherman. Our Islands are scattered over 700 nmiles of Ocean which most of it is a healthy and extensive reef system making it the perfect vista for fishing. Your rod will be pumping out 20 kg of drag, complemented by rocketing braids, all an angler desire!

Giant Trevally also known as GT, Caranx Ignobilis from the Carangidae family, is our main target. GT is mostly found in the rocky shallow area where there is a strong current. This fish are well-known for its endurance, fighting power, stubbornness that does not submit to defeat easily. Keeps the angler’s adrenaline pumping up as the rod tip bend as he locked down the drag and pulled to triumph over his prey. Popping is getting very popular with the introduction of new advanced tackles, focused on functionality and ease of use. Choices of reels such as the Shimano Stella and the Daiwa Saltiga series is a recommendation for popping the reef edges. The tackle class should be within 80 lbs, a mainline of 50 – 80 lbs, preferred by most anglers. These suggested line classes are advantageous to achieve maximum casting distance plus providing strength to apply significant pressure on a fish.

If you are an experienced sport fisherman and would like to try a smaller tackle, it’s also possible. But we would like the 80 lbs class and more so as a potential to subdue a fish much safer and quicker, increasing survival chance and safer return. With the smaller class, the fighting time is enduring, exhausting our catch, reducing survival chance for the target fish. Prepare yourself to be smacked down by those big mean GT’s.